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Renée Rouleau 9 skin types

Skin Type #6

Normal / Anti-Aging

Normal, dehydrated skin showing the signs of aging requires high concentrations of AHAs to boost cellular turnover and potent antioxidants to brighten the complexion and prevent environmental damage. Extracts of stable Vitamin C, Peppermint and Rosemary are used to bring a healthy and beautiful glow with a newly refined smoothness. The result? Beautiful skin by Renée Rouleau.

Symptoms of Skin Type 6:
  • Produces oil in the summer, mostly in t-zone
  • Skin can feel tight or dry during the winter
  • Needs hydration without heavy oils or pore-clogging ingredients
  • May have enlarged pores mostly in t-zone, including blackheads
  • May have hyperpigmentation (brown spots)
  • Skin may look tired, in need of a glow
  • Wants to keep skin healthy and smooth
  • Concerned about aging and loss of tone

If you are unsure about your skin type, be sure to take our online Skin Type Quiz and get the answers you’re looking for in just a few clicks!

Recommended Collections Exclusively for Skin Type 6

Essential Skincare Collection for Skin Type 6

Essential Collection

If you’re someone who wants to add a few bells and whistles, you like to use a serum, and you want a little bit more of a comprehensive routine for Skin Type 6 without using a ton of products, the six product essential collection might be perfect for you.

Basic Skincare Collection for Skin Type 6

Basic Collection

If you’re a Skin Type 6 who just wants to start with a couple of things, these are our best three products for this skin type.

Complete Skincare Collection for Skin Type 6

Complete Collection

If you want to drive faster results and like to use face masks or eye creams, this is the Skin Type 6 kit for you to get the quickest results. The complete collection has 12 products in it.

Renee's Take on Skin Type 6

  • Learn More about the Symptoms of Skin Type 6

    • Produces Oil in Summer & Can Feel Dry in Winter

      You could be somebody who produces oil in the T-zone, but mostly in the summer. Your skin may also feel dry in the winter.

      Needs Hydration Without Heavy Oils

      Someone with Skin Type 6 may have broken out a lot in their younger years, but they don’t break out as much anymore, if at all. However, they might have to be somewhat careful about choosing products because if something is too heavy for their skin, or if they have a lot of heavy oils, it might cause bumps in the skin.

      May Have Enlarged Pores

      You might also have enlarged pores, primarily in the T-zone, and blackheads. Typically, this happens more on the nose and chin but is common with this skin type.

      May Have Hyperpigmentation

      It’s not guaranteed, but you may have brown spots, freckles, or melasma if you are a Skin Type 6. If you do, this regimen addresses it.

      Skin Might Look Tired

      This is someone who looks in the mirror and thinks, “Oh, my skin doesn’t glow anymore.” Your skin feels a little sallow and you just think it needs a pick me up and circulation boost.

      Concerned About Aging and Loss of Tone, Wants to Keep Skin Healthy and Smooth

      If you’re somebody who is more focused on preventative aging and keeping an environment in the skin where it can stay healthy and youthful then you might be a Skin Type 6. You’re not too concerned about breakouts or redness like other skin types and want to counter the typical signs of aging.

      30 to 50 Years Old

      The typical age range for Skin Type 6 is 30 to 50 years old. These are the years where you’ll still produce a little bit of oil and want to use lighter products while preventing aging.

We also offer personalized skin consultations with our in-house estheticians. It’s called My Skin Rx and you can do it via video or over the phone. It allows one of our estheticians to make sure you have the right skin type and determine the best game plan for your skin so you can be on your way to your #reneerouleauglow!