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Renée Rouleau 9 skin types

Skin Type #1

Oily / Clogged Pores / Severe Breakouts All-Over

Oily, problem skin requires a careful combination of AHA and BHA pore-cleaning exfoliants, along with antiseptic botanicals like natural Tea Tree and Witch Hazel to effectively reduce breakouts. This routine helps to disinfect, calm, control oil and clear clogged pores without causing irritation or drying out the skin. Your problem skin will be clear, more even-toned, healthy and balanced with fewer blemishes. The result? Beautiful skin by Renée Rouleau.

Symptoms of Skin Type 1:

  • Extremely oily skin
  • Large pores on entire face
  • Constant, severe acne (several new blemishes a day) all over the face, including blackheads and cysts
  • Post-blemish red/dark scars that linger
  • Will break out from heavy oils or pore-clogging ingredients
  • Wants clearer and smoother skin

If you are unsure about your skin type, be sure to take our online Skin Type Quiz and get the answers you’re looking for in just a few clicks!

Recommended Collections Exclusively for Skin Type 1

Essential Skincare Routine for Skin Type 1

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If you’re a Skin Type 1 who wants to go above and beyond the basics and add in a few bells and whistles, this is a great collection of six products.

Basic Skincare Routine for Skin Type 1

Basic Collection

If you’re someone who just wants to start with a couple of things, these are our best three products for Skin Type 1.

Complete Skincare Routine for Skin Type 1

Complete Collection

The Skin Type 1 complete collection of 11 products gives you everything you need. If you’re someone who really wants to drive faster results, you’re into using masks, and you want the absolute best results, this is the kit for you.

Renee's Take on Skin Type 1

  • Learn More about the Symptoms of Skin Type 1

    • Extremely Oily Skin

      This is someone who produces a lot of oil and may have larger pores. You may get very shiny and greasy throughout the day.

      If your face gets shiny a couple of hours after washing your face, it might be because you used something too strong. However, a true oily skin type is when your skin is still oily and shiny, even while using gentle products. If you’re somebody who has to blot their skin and powder your face often, and you feel like you are very oily all the time, then you may identify with this skin type.

      Large Pores On Entire Face

      People that have large pores on their face usually have oily skin. So, if you’re someone who has large pores in the t-zone and they extend out to your cheek area, then you might have Skin Type 1.

      Constant, Severe Acne

      This is someone who gets blemishes every day. These aren’t lingering blemishes that are still healing, but brand new blemishes that consistently pop up daily.

      Post-Blemish Red Scars that Linger

      Lingering red scars and dark marks post-blemish can also be a sign that you are a Skin Type 1. You don’t want to confuse this with new blemishes popping up because anyone will get red marks when that happens, this is about marks that linger.

      Breaks Out from Heavy Oils

      You may be somebody that breaks out when using heavy oils or pore-clogging ingredients. If you have to be very careful with what you use because you feel like products break you and you get whiteheads and blemishes, this may be you.

      Wants Clearer, Smoother Skin

      If you want clearer and smoother skin but are someone that gets consistent breakouts and deals with excessive oiliness, obviously you want to keep that managed and keep your skin clear and even-toned. Our treatment recommendations for Skin Type 1 help address this.

      Teens & Adults Up to 25 Years Old

      Typically, someone that is a Skin Type 1 will be in their teen years or up to about 25 years old. That’s not to say you can’t be a Skin Type 1 if you’re outside this age range, but this is the most common age range where you would be more breakout-prone.

We also offer personalized skin consultations with our in-house estheticians. It’s called My Skin Rx and you can do it via video or over the phone. It allows one of our estheticians to make sure you have the right skin type and determine the best game plan for your skin so you can be on your way to your #reneerouleauglow!