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Renée Rouleau 9 skin types

Skin Type #3

Oily / Combination / Sensitive / Consistent Breakouts

Oily, combination, sensitive skin prone to acne and clogged pores requires a careful blend of antibacterial and smoothing BHAs to deliver maximum blemish-clearing benefits without leaving the skin feeling tight, dry or irritated. Soluble Beta Glucan and natural Witch Hazel offer a calming effect to strengthen the skin from within to prevent future breakouts. The added benefit of oil-free hydration will give the skin a perfect balance. The result? Beautiful skin by Renée Rouleau.

Symptoms of Skin Type 3:
  • Enlarged pores and produces oil mostly in t-zone
  • Breaks out from heavy oils or pore-clogging ingredients
  • Skin that may become red and flushes easily, gets tight and irritated by harsh products
  • Consistent blemishes and cysts (several new blemishes a week)
  • Clogged pores and blackheads
  • Post-blemish red/dark scars that linger
  • Wants to keep skin healthy and smooth
  • Concerned about aging

If you are unsure about your skin type, be sure to take our online Skin Type Quiz and get the answers you’re looking for in just a few clicks!

Recommended Collections Exclusively for Skin Type 3

Essential Skincare Routine for Skin Type 3

Essential Collection

If you’re someone who wants to go above and beyond the basics to combat Skin Type 3, this is a great collection that includes six of some more treatment-focused products to drive great results.

Basic Skincare Routine for Skin Type 3

Basic Collection

If you’re a Skin Type 3 who is interested in starting the Renée Rouleau line but doesn’t want a lot of products (this collection only has three) and just wants to know what the best products to start with are, this basic kit is for you.

Complete Skincare Routine for Skin Type 3

Complete Collection

If you want to drive faster results and like to use face masks or eye creams, this is the Skin Type 3 kit for you that will help achieve the quickest and best results. This collection contains 12 products.

Renee's Take on Skin Type 3

  • Learn More about the Symptoms of Skin Type 3

    • Enlarged Pores and Oily Skin in T-Zone

      Skin Type 3 is when someone has shine in the T-Zone, which is the forehead, the nose, and the chin. You can have oily skin on your cheeks as well, but it’s primarily centered on your T-Zone. If you have more oil and a lot of breakouts you may want to look at Skin Type 1.

      Breaks Out from Heavy Oils

      If you’re somebody who has to be mindful of what products they use on their skin (ex. makeup, skincare, etc.), or someone who gets small bumps and breakouts easily you may be a Skin Type 3.

      Red Skin that Flushes Easily, Irritated by Harsh Products

      If you’re somebody who doesn’t get red easily, that’s okay, you can still be a Skin Type 3. The idea here is that you’re also someone who gets tight and irritated skin when using harsh products. We want to keep water levels in the skin balanced, so if you are someone that products are too strong and your skin feels tight, this skin type may fit you.

      Consistent Blemishes and Cysts

      This is an important identifier when it comes to Skin Type 3 - consistent blemishes. We have other skin types for more occasional breakouts, but this is someone that may get new breakouts every day, up to maybe 7 or 8 breakouts a week. If you’re getting 10 to 14 a week, you probably want to look into Skin Type 1.

      Clogged Pores and Blackheads

      If you’re someone who gets clogged pores, whiteheads, bumps under the skin, and you have blackheads mostly in the t-zone where you produce oil then you could be a Skin Type 3.

      Post-Blemish Red, Dark Scars

      Anyone who gets breakouts, regardless of your skin type, will get marks, but if you get a lot of breakouts then trying to clear up those marks and scars is a top priority for you.

      Wants to Keep Skin Healthy and Smooth & Concerned About Aging

      Even though your focus is to clear up the skin, and clear away breakouts you’re someone that’s mindful of keeping their skin healthy. You also might be thinking about how to prevent aging down the road and Skin Type 3 definitely addresses this.

      Teens & Adults Up to 25 Years Old

      The typical age range for Skin Type 3 is between the teen years and about 25 years old. You could be over 25 and still have Skin Type 3, but during those years are when you produce the most oil and are breaking out the most.

We also offer personalized skin consultations with our in-house estheticians. It’s called My Skin Rx and you can do it via video or over the phone. It allows one of our estheticians to make sure you have the right skin type and determine the best game plan for your skin so you can be on your way to your #reneerouleauglow!