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Advanced Resurfacing Serum
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Advanced Resurfacing Serum

Advanced Resurfacing Serum by Renée Rouleau is a sensitive skin retinol cream to repair wrinkles and sun damage without peeling, dryness or irritation.

Advanced Resurfacing Serum is a retinol treatment to repair sun damage, lift brown spots, smooth the skin and reduce the look of lines, wrinkles and large pores over time. It is formulated exclusively for sensitive skin types and best for those who have been unable to tolerate prescription forms of vitamin A retinoids like Retin-A. This lightweight and powerful serum delivers 0.4% of time-released (a slower release prevents irritation, while retinol receptors are engaged for 8 hours while you sleep), stable retinol deep within the skin. This will repair the lower layers where collagen and elastin reside, while soothing extracts keep the skin feeling calm without dryness, peeling or irritation. With continued use, skin will look smoother and younger each day. If you’re serious about wanting to improve the look and feel of your skin’s texture without harsh side effects, this retinol serum is perfect for you. The result? Beautiful, younger-looking skin by Renée Rouleau.

VIDEO: Renée Rouleau talks about the amazing benefits of Advanced Resurfacing Serum and the history behind retinol. If video doesn't appear below, watch it on YouTube.

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"My skin is too sensitive for Retin-A at night but the next best retinol bet has been Advanced Resurfacing Serum."


Other Uses

Neck, chest and hands - prevents signs of aging by keeping skin smooth.

Key Ingredients

Microencapsulated Retinol - 0.4% (pure and bioactive) repairs damage while reducing the look of wrinkles and large pores.
Matrixl Synthe’6 (Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38) - encourages tighter, firmer skin by strengthening chain links that hold skin layers together.
Extracts of Mugwort, Algae, Licorice - provide soothing relief to keep skin calm.
Retinyl Palmitate - storage form of retinol for enhanced performance.

No animal testing.

"We noticed results the next morning."

Formulated WITHOUT

Petroleum or Mineral Oil
Synthetic Fragrances
Synthetic Dyes

How it Feels / Smells / Looks 

Cream colored and barely scented, this absorbs easily leaving the skin feeling silky smooth. Our packaging allows light and air to stay away from the product ensuring maximum stability and effectiveness. 

How to Use

In the evening, after cleansing and toning, leave alcohol-free toner damp and apply a dime to nickel-size amount (1 pump) to entire face and neck. (Leaving toner damp increases the spreadability while hydrating the skin.) Wait three minutes and apply a small amount of moisturizer if necessary.

Night #1 and #2 (two nights in a row): Use Advanced Resurfacing Serum followed by a moisturizer for your skin type.

Night #3 (one night): Use a mild exfoliating acid serum (such as AHA Smoothing Serum 10%, 17%, 20% or BHA Clarifying Serum) followed by moisturizer. (View our collection of exfoliating serums.)

Night #4 and #5 (two nights in a row): Use Advanced Resurfacing Serum followed by moisturizer.

Night #6 (one night): Use a gentle serum such as Firm + Repair Overnight SerumSkin Drink or Soothing Relief Serum.  (View our collection of serums.)


The process for using this product is two nights on, one night off, two nights on, one night off, alternating with an acid serum and hydrating serum for your skin type. We realize that you may lose track along the way. No worries. To the best of your ability, try to use the Advanced Resurfacing Serum about 75% of the nights, or five nights a week, but just not all in a row. The reason why we suggest this method is because your skin responds better to a variety of ingredients, which will give it the best results. Using a gentle, exfoliating acid serum will keep the surface dry skin cells off and using a hydrating serum will give other needed high-performance ingredients to repair the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is retinol? It’s a type of vitamin A that is found in over-the-counter, non-prescription creams that can stimulate the metabolism of skin cells and encourage collagen production. It can be absorbed within the skin and when combined with certain enzymes, it can be converted into tretinoin, the acid form of vitamin A also known as retinoic acid. It does not require a prescription but it can deliver prescription like results with continued use. Using a well-formulated and stable product with retinol will visibly reduce the appearance of sun damage, brown spots, lines, wrinkles and large pores.

How does Advanced Resurfacing Serum differ from prescription retinoids like Retin-A or Renova? Over-the-counter retinol is scientifically proven to mimic the benefits that a prescription retinoid offers, but it can be tolerated for those with sensitive skin. It will not give the harsh side effects like dryness, redness, peeling and irritation commonly associated with prescriptions.

You suggest alternating it with other serums. What if I don’t want to purchase the other serums right now? For best results, we do suggest using it as recommended by alternating with other serums, however if you can’t, just use moisturizer only (after cleansing and toning) on the other nights.

I use a serum and/or moisturizer that contains exfoliating acids. Can I use that underneath or over the Advanced Resurfacing Serum? You can use any acid product like those with salicylic, lactic and glycolic however; you don’t want to use them at the same time as the retinol product to avoid a possible interference of active ingredients. 

Can I use it in the summer time? Yes, but only if you are someone who avoids getting a tan and wears sunscreen (applied generously and often). If you expect to spend time out in the sun, it’s best to discontinue use a week beforehand and start back up when you’ll have less exposure. To protect the skin from damaging UV rays that will cause any anti-aging product not to work as effectively, you must protect your skin daily. Recommendation: ColoreScience Mineral Sunscreen Powder SPF 50 dusted on over Daily Protection SPF 30 or Age Defense Moisturizer SPF 30.

What side effects might I experience? Some may get some slight dryness in the first month, but most will not experience any side effects, especially if you follow the recommended usage by alternating with a mild acid serum and hydrating serum for your skin type.

Can I use it if I’m pregnant? No, retinol should not be used while pregnant. You can substitute our AHA Smoothing Serum 10% or AHA Smoothing Serum 17% while pregnant or breastfeeding.

How long will it take for me to see results? Like all retinol products, the true anti-wrinkle results are not immediate but you may notice the skin looking brighter and smoother soon after starting. Depending on the severity of sun damage, you should start seeing improvement within 4-8 weeks and the longer you use it, the better results you'll see. According to a 2007 study published in The Archives of Dermatology, 36 participants age 80 and older applied a formula with 0.4 percent retinol (same percentage as Advanced Resurfacing Serum) to one arm up to three times a week. After 24 weeks, these participants had dramatic improvements in their skin that were clearly visible to the naked eye. So if those over age 80 can see a difference, where the signs of aging have dramatically set in, certainly younger skin types will see results even faster.

Can I use it if I have rosacea? Yes, this formula can be tolerated well by those who have been diagnosed with mild rosacea but you may want to introduce it to your skin more slowly, starting with only 2-3 nights a week for the first month.

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