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Lexi Ramos - Esthetician at Renée Rouleau Skin Care

Lexi Ramos Esthetician at Renée Rouleau
Lexi Ramos is a licensed esthetician and certified acne specialist who joined the Renée Rouleau Skin Care team in November of 2021. Her role in the company includes content creation and research & development, but her main focus is you! Lexi answers skincare questions over chat, email, and My Skin Rx virtual consultations. These 30-minute one-on-one sessions are the perfect way to revamp your routine and find the most effective products for your individual concerns.

Get some face time with Lexi by booking an appointment today. From acne to eczema, she is fluent in your skin’s needs and can help get your skin back on track!

Although Lexi has always been passionate about fashion and beauty, she realized she had a special interest in skincare, so she earned her esthetics license from the Tri-State Cosmetology School in El Paso, Texas. She plans on continuing her education by studying cosmetic chemistry and nutrition in the near future.

Learn more about Lexi, including her favorite Renée Rouleau products and her best skincare advice, below.

Full Name: Alexia Danielle Ramos

Home State: Texas

Renée Rouleau Skin Type: I’m a Skin Type 6, which is classified as normal/anti-aging.

Don’t know your skin type? Take the Skin Type Quiz to find out!

Top Skin Concerns: Hyperpigmentation and anti-aging

Biggest Skincare Mistake You’ve Ever Made: Trying my mom’s retinol products when I was 12!

Biggest Skincare Mistake You See Others Make: Over-layering products. Less is more!

Skincare Inspiration: My mom! She takes such good care of herself and her skin. She taught me at a very young age how to take care of my skin from the inside-out.

Favorite Renée Rouleau Blog Post: The posts on how hormones affect the skin are so important! Understanding the role hormones play in your skin through the cycle of life is key, especially as a woman. Our hormones are constantly shifting. I’m passionate about health as a whole and the role it plays in the skin.

Favorite Renée Rouleau Products: I love the Vitamin C&E Treatment, Vitamin C Eye Brightener, Mint Renewal Cleanser, and Skin Drink Concentrate. I love products that are hydrating and nourishing but also brightening.

Exfoliation is key for me. I do an at-home exfoliating facial once or twice a week. And, as we all know, sunscreen is essential. The Weightless Protection SPF 30 is my holy grail formula. It doesn’t clog my pores, ever!

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