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Age Defense Moisturizer SPF 30
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Age Defense Moisturizer SPF 30

Age Defense Moisturizer SPF 30 is the best chemical-free, 100% all-mineral Zinc Oxide sunscreen for sensitive skin types including those with rosacea and redness.

Age Defense Moisturizer SPF 30 is a luxurious 100% all-mineral, chemical-free, natural, broad spectrum sunscreen designed to be used as a daily moisturizer for red, rosacea and sensitive skin types with fair to medium skin tones. It goes on creamy and leaves a lightweight finish to immediately smooth, nourish and protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Because it uses pure and natural zinc oxide, it can be applied right before outdoor activity—no waiting 20 minutes that's required for traditional chemical sunscreens to take effect. The appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and skin firmness are improved creating a younger-looking complexion. The result? Healthy and protected skin by Renée Rouleau.

3/9/16 New & improved! We have updated this formula to make it more sheer and easier to apply. It also leaves less of a white-ish sheen on the skin. We are loving it and think you will, too! 

If you have fair or oily, acne-prone skin and require a sunscreen that dries to a matte finish, we recommend Daily Protection SPF 30.

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Other Uses

Neck, chest and ears - protects these exposed areas from UV rays.

Key Ingredients

20% non-nano, micronized Zinc Oxide - offers UVA/UVB reflecting sun protection with low risk of irritation.
Green and White Tea - antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.
Vitamin E - soothes and hydrates

No animal testing.

Formulated WITHOUT

Petroleum or Mineral Oil
Synthetic Fragrances
Synthetic Dyes

How it Feels / Smells / Looks 

This luxuriously creamy lotion is white in color and has a very soft and subtle hint of refreshing grapefruit. 

How to Use

To effectively use Age Defense Moisturizer SPF 30, cleanse, tone (leave alcohol-free toner damp) and apply a dime size amount to entire face. Proceed with makeup. Use 365 days a year, rain or shine, inside and out as your daily moisturizer.

For additional protection, be sure to apply to the neck and exposed chest.

NOTE: Due to the nature of an all-mineral zinc oxide-based sunblock, you must follow these directions to get the best results. Do not apply directly to the face first but rather warm up in fingertips in circular motions prior to application. Then be sure to thoroughly massage this sunscreen into the skin. On fair to medium skin, the white color from the zinc oxide should become transparent within 3-4 minutes after proper application. If it still appears a bit white after a few minutes, rub your fingertips over the skin a second time and this will now blend it in well. You can also add a few drops of foundation makeup to give it a tint. However, due to the high amount of zinc in the product, darker skin tones (such as deep olive and ebony skins, as well as those with oily skin) should instead opt for our Daily Protection SPF 30 to avoid a white sheen on the skin.

Volume 2 oz