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Facial Sponges
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Facial Sponges

Facial Sponges by Renée Rouleau are used as a gentle alternative to abrasive washcloths for cleansing the face for red and sensitive skin types.

Facial Sponges by Renée Rouleau offers a gentler alternative to abrasive wash cloths to safely cleanse the skin. These popular sponges are used in all Renée Rouleau facial treatments in our exclusive skin care spas. Ultra soft and silky feeling, your sensitive skin will love these.

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How it Feels / Looks 

These sponges are soft when wet with water, but they dry hard. 

How to Use

After rinsing off your cleanser, wipe over the face with a damp sponge. For stubborn foundation makeup, you may want to cleanse a second time and give an additional wipe with the sponge. To clean, wash with regular laundry once a week. Let air dry.