Exfoliating Body Cloth

Exfoliating Body Cloth

This Exfoliating Body Cloth sold by Renée Rouleau exfoliates and removes dry, flaky skin and reduces ingrown hairs and bumps on the arms and legs from keratosis pilaris.

This Exfoliating Body Cloth sold by Renée Rouleau is used for the body to remove dry skin cells to reveal softer, smoother skin and more even-toned skin on the body. This stretchy cloth is a great alternative to rough-textured loofahs. This is NOT recommended for use on the face. The result? Beautiful skin for the body by Renée Rouleau. Cloth is manufactured by VIC.

"I love this cloth. It really works on my body!"

Eva Amurri Martino, Actress

Recommended For

Clearing back breakouts: When an antibacterial cleanser (like AHA/BHA Deep Pore Cleanser) is applied to the cloth and rubbed over the skin, it can be very effective for reducing back and body breakouts and fading post-breakout acne scars.
Smoothing bumps on arms and legs: When used with a mild, sulfate-free shower gel, it can significantly improve a skin condition called keratosis pilaris which causes bumps on the backs of arms or legs.
Preventing ingrown hairs: It's a fact that exfoliation is the key to preventing stubborn ingrown hairs. When used with a mild shower gel, this will ensure the surface dry cells are removed so the hair can grow out properly. Read how to prevent ingrown hairs on your bikini line.
Preventing stretch marks on a pregnant belly: To remove surface dryness, use the cloth a few times a week with a gentle shower gel. Also, massage 3-5 drops of Pro Remedy Oil in clockwise motion, following the digestive tract, every morning and evening to prevent stretch marks, itchiness and dryness.
Lightening dark skin on areas like knees and elbows: For those with darker skin, discoloration can occur on areas of the body where a lot of movement occurs. When used daily with a mild shower gel, it can help to keep the skin looking light and bright.
Sunless tan skin prep: When used with a mild shower gel and rubbed over skin, this can remove dry skin cells to prepare the skin for an application of a sunless tan product.

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How to Use

Apply a non-drying, sulfate-free shower gel to Exfoliating Body Cloth and rub over the body. Follow with moisturizer. This can be washed in the laundry 2-3 times a month. Let air dry.