Renée Rouleau is renowned worldwide for her products. She is frequently recognized in publications for her products and spa services.

  • “Renée has a cult following and it’s no wonder why: her skin care line works wonders.”

  • “BHA Clarifying Serum is a miracle product. I’ll wake up in the morning and literally have no pores.”

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Health Magazine Features Renée Rouleau Skincare

Health Magazine

Read how Health Magazine beauty editor Heather Muir used Renée Rouleau products to treat her sudden chin breakout.

"My texture is so much smoother, no new sore bumps or white heads and my skin seems to be responding really well...I have good skin but then had to deal with this and have access to everything, but chose [to use] your regimen and it worked." —Heather Muir

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