About Renée Rouleau

Renée Rouleau, with practices in Dallas, New York and Los Angeles, is a trusted skin care expert and celebrity esthetician who has been helping men, women and teens of all ages attain glowing, beautiful skin for 25 years.

One Size Does Not Fit All

From the very beginning, Renée Rouleau (pronounced roo-LOW) recognized that every person's skin is unique; however, the skin care industry mostly relied on a one-size-fits-all approach. Product lines were traditionally catered to very generic categories of skin - dry, normal and oily. So Renée began formulating her own exclusive high-performance products based on nine skin types to ensure her clients achieved the results they desired. Read more about her products.



What's Your Skin Type?

Renée is a skin type #2 (Oily, combination, occasional breakouts, anti-aging). Take the Skin Type Quiz to find yours.

Renée's Role Model

Renée drew her inspiration from her grandmother, an exceptional woman who worked tirelessly in her own beauty salon when Renée was a young child. Her grandmother's passion and dedication to give her very best resonates with Renée to this very day. As a result, Renée boldly opened the doors of her first skin care spa at the young age of 21.

National Skin Care Awareness Month

Renée has always known that people are looking for solutions to their skin care problems, but not always in the way of skin care products or professional treatments. They seek expert advice on how to care for their skin with practical, common-sense advice to questions such as, "Where should eye cream be applied?" or "What's the best way to wash my face?" Renée created National Skin Care Awareness Month annually in September to share her vast amount of knowledge. Her popular blog has been referred to as "The WebMD of skin care" and is the go-to resource for skin care advice. Sign up to receive Renée's expert tips delivered into your email box.

"Be good to your skin. You'll wear it every day for the rest of your life." -Renée Rouleau

Renée Rouleau Fans

In addition to her Dallas clients, Renée's proven results have earned her the confidence of celebrities and bloggers, as well as cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists, who often refer their patients to Renée and her team of estheticians after cosmetic skin procedures. 

"Her skin care line works wonders." - Elle Magazine

"A lot of people ask what skincare products I use. Renée Rouleau = miracle workers." - Singer, Demi Lovato

"Renée Rouleau is a master facialist." - InStyle Magazine

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In Her Free Time

Renée and her husband enjoy traveling around the globe (often on their Harley Davidson motorcyles) and regularly travel to France to visit family. Some favorite destinations include Cape Town, Istanbul and New Zealand and she's sure to have facial treatments on her visits to learn new techniques and gain inspiration to use in her own skin care spas.

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Giving Back

She consistently donates her time, services and funds to help women affected by domestic violence. It's part of Renée's ongoing commitment to helping every person look, feel and be their very best. Read how Renée gives back to women in need.

"I learned from my grandmother that beauty is more than just vanity. When you care for your skin, you're caring for yourself and this can have a tremendous effect on self esteem." -Renée Rouleau

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