Renée Rouleau 9 skin types

You're A Skin Type #6!

Normal / Anti-Aging

  • Skin Type 6 Overview

    • Normal, dehydrated skin showing the signs of aging requires high concentrations of AHAs to boost cellular turnover and potent antioxidants to brighten the complexion and prevent environmental damage. Extracts of stable Vitamin C, Peppermint and Rosemary are used to bring a healthy and beautiful glow with a newly refined smoothness. The result? Beautiful skin by Renée Rouleau.
  • Symptoms of Skin Type 6

    • - Produces oil in the summer, mostly in t-zone
    • - Skin can feel tight or dry during the winter
    • - Needs hydration without heavy oils or pore-clogging ingredients
    • - May have enlarged pores mostly in t-zone, including blackheads
    • - May have hyperpigmentation (brown spots)
    • - Skin may look tired, in need of a glow
    • - Wants to keep skin healthy and smooth
    • - Concerned about aging and loss of tone

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