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“This is one of my favorite masks.” Says Demi Lovato. ›

Shape Pro Remedy Small

"Pro Remedy Oil: Our Pick For Sensitive Skin". ›

Latina Daily SPF 30 Small

"Demi Lovato and Sofia Vergara Love This Sunscreen." ›

Shape Triple Berry Small

"Triple Berry Smoothing Peel: This Potent Treatment Works Magic On Your Face." ›

Elle Anti Cyst Small

"Anti Cyst Treatment: Nothing Tames Cysts Faster. It's Like Photoshop For Your Skin." ›

InStyle Skin Drink Small

"Skin Drink: Layer This Hyaluronic Acid Serum Underneath Your Moisturizer." ›

OK Night Time Spot Lotion Small

"Night Time Spot Lotion Works While You Rest." ›

“Within hours of using, that big, bad cyst will slowly creep back down.” ›

Pro Remedy Oil Helps You Stay Radiant In The Winter. ›

Renée Rouleau Shares Her Expert Skin Tips For All Ages. ›

Shape Magazine is obsessed with Merry Berry. ›

Sofia Vergara talks about her go-to sunscreen. ›

"Look great after a late night with Bio Calm Repair Masque. You'll be fresh-faced." ›

"Bio Calm Repair Masque contains oat kernel extract to soothe stressed skin." ›

"Get a personalized skin consultation via Skype or FaceTime with My Skin Prescription." ›

"One of the top 5 facialists, Renée Rouleau confesses her personal skin care secrets." ›

"Bio Calm Repair Masque: Last minute beauty treatments that actually have an impact." ›

Triple Berry Smoothing Peel: "This skin-renewing treatment is so good for the skin." ›

Triple Berry Smoothing Peel: "We swear by its magical ability to give you the skin of a 12-year-old within 15 minutes." ›

Winner of "Best Cleanser for Oily/Acne-Prone Skin." ›

"The secret to treating troubled skin is BHA Clarifying Serum." ›

Winner of Best Facials in Dallas. ›

Best Facials in Dallas: "Highly personalized treatments catered to nine skin types." ›

"Anti Cyst Treatment is one of the only topical solution I've found that actually flattens bumps overnight. ›